When should I take the SAT Test?

You should take the SAT test during the Winter or Spring of your Junior year.   If you are taking the SAT Test as a Senior, then you should take it either in October or November so you can be sure to have your scores back on time for the CSU/UC college application deadline of Nov. 30.

How do I register for the SAT Test?

You can register for the SAT Test online.  The registration process takes about twenty minutes.  During registration you will be asked to respond to questions about GPA, classes taken, interests, family demographics… .  You will also be required to submit a head shot (photo of self) in order to complete the SAT registration process.

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When is the SAT Test offered?

The SAT Test is offered 7 times each calendar year:
January, March, May, June, October, November, & December.
The test is usually scheduled for the first Saturday on those months, with the exception of the January test date, which is usually offered on the fourth Saturday.

When will the NEW (Redesigned) SAT test be implemented?

The Redesigned SAT test will take place of the current SAT test in March of 2016.  Students who take the SAT test in March 2016 or later will take the Redesigned SAT test.

What is a perfect score on the SAT?

A perfect score on the SAT test (taken before March 2016)  is 2400 points.  There are three domains on the SAT:  Critical Reading, Math, and Writing + Essay.  Each domain has a possible score of 800, totaling to a perfect score of 2400.

Can I take the SAT test more than once?

Yes you can!  The College Board will be happy to receive your registration fees every time you want to take the test!

If I take the SAT test more than once, does my college see all of my scores?

You chose the scores your college sees.  The College Board offers an option called ScoreChoice.  This option allows you to choose what score your college sees.  For example, if you take the SAT test 4 times, and your third test is the score you want to send to your college, then you have the option to send only that score.  Your college will never know that you took the test 4 times unless you choose to send all your scores.

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What is the difference between the PSAT & the SAT tests?

The PSAT test stands for the:  Preliminary SAT Test.  The PSAT test has fewer questions and is shorter in duration. The PSAT does not include an Essay, but the SAT Test does.

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Next SAT Test date:
October 3, 2015

PSAT Test date:
October 14 & 17 2015