Hi Pumas!  Congrats on taking a big step toward your academic and professional career! As you prepare for the SATs, here is your study plan:

  1. Go through all the question on the SAT Practice Test 2 and attempt each question.  Have your SAT Skills Study guide in hand to refer to while going through the practice.  Spend time with the answer explanations for every question you do not know.
  2. If you are taking the test in March, in the last week, practice 1 section each night from Practice Test 1, and go over the answer explanations THE SAME NIGHT so that you can begin to get a feel for the patterns that come up with the questions and so you can gain an understanding of the types of questions you did not know how to answer.
  3. Go to google and type in Khan Academy SAT  Choose 3-5 videos to watch each day
  4. Download the college board official APP and do the daily practice question
    Daily Practice for the New SAT   is the name of the app.
  5. Stay focused, and stick with this plan.  If you complete this entire suggested study plan, you will take the test with confidence, and most likely be very proud of your score!

If you are an overachiever, and you are thirsty for more, here is a link where you can find 8 official SAT practice tests with scoring guides and answer explanations:


SAT Skills Study Guide